Hi friend!

I’m Monokeke a lazy game developer working on too many projects at the same time 🙂 (-I know, I know, you guys told me so many times to focus on specific projects but I have so many ideas to do!)

I’m also the founder of Begamous, a project that I personally care about as a way to give back to the open-source community for all resources that people are sharing on the web for free!

So yes, let’s me introduce this project.

Begamous is an online community that helps game developers learn more with programming tips and improve their video gaming development skills through various tutorials and videos.

You’ll find completely free articles and videos created by me on this website after many hours of working on my own games.

I also created a forum where developers and creatives can share ideas, discuss their favorite topics, and find opportunities for partners.

If you like what I’m doing here, please tell your friends about us and follow us on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more updates.

And if you have still a few bucks at the end of the month, you can also support my creation of Patreon! -Well not yet but in the future 🙂

Stay tuned!